Princess Dempsey is Chicago's Very Own, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on the South Side until the age of 14 years old, moving to the Western Suburbs in the Proviso Area.  Princess Dempsey Business Women, Motivational Speaker, Radio, TV and Film Star.  Upon penning her first book "The Journey Never End" this Open up doors for Princess Dempsey voice to be heard. The sketch-comedy show and interviews, starring  Princess Dempsey,  the show is offer some controversial and racial humor, as well as allow the fans to write in and react out "Have this every happen to your moments" in a skit formation.  All routine our taped comedy sketch before the show.  Princess Dempsey show will be National and International. Princess Dempsey also a song-bird with the pleasure of her grandfather playing with the Late Billy Holiday as performed on many stages. Her new release 2018, which will be a world tour coming soon, Stay tune to a town near you.

 To book Lady Princess Dempsey. Email your information: [email protected]